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Go on a joyride on the Mitten State’s first scenic highway!

M-25 is a state trunkline highway in the US state of Michigan. With the vast Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay on one side and rolling farmlands and picturesque cottages on the other side, M-25 offers a unique and interesting ride around the Thumb. The highway is dotted with some of the most unique landmarks and rarely visited spots that one may not find in any tours in the state.

The route follows an arc-like shape closely along the Lake Huron shoreline of the Thumb in the eastern Lower Peninsula between Port Huron and Bay City. A mere 160 miles long, M-25 can be a quick half-day run or a leisurely walk on a sunny weekend. Whether you’re already familiar with its unique pit stops or looking to explore the Thumb for the first time, M-25 never fails to surprise.

HuronShoreLine.com’s primary function is to promote the local life, food, events and landmarks along the M-25 route as a tourist destination. After all, Michigan’s sunrise side is only a ride away!