Instagram-Worthy Spots Around Lake Huron (Part II)

Your Local Joe October 18, 2019
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Founded by Patrick Sinclair in 1780, Fort Mackinac (pronunciation: MACK-in-aw) is a former British and American military outpost from the late 18th to the late 19th century in Mackinac Island, Michigan. Located on a bluff 150 ft above Mackinac Bay Harbor, it eventually became the headquarters for Mackinac National Park. All of the 14 buildings, furnished with period settings, inside the historic fort are open to the public all-year round. After an interactive morning of costumed tours and demos, guests could take their lunch and refreshments at the fort’s Tea Room.

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Bay City State Park

Bay City State Park is a 2,389-acre state park located on the shore of Saginaw Bay in Bay County, Michigan. The Tobico Marsh, one of the remaining coastal freshwater wetlands on the Great Lakes, is located here. Bay City State Park is a haven for nature shutterbugs; its wet meadows, cattail marshlands, wetland woods, and oak savannah prairies provide an ideal home for several species of plants and migratory birds. Campsites are available for guests, with nearby walking trails and accessible bathroom facilities. Interested parties can visit its Facebook page for more information.

Carnegie Center

Carnegie Center is the main center of the Port Huron Museum. Founded in 1902 by steel industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, it houses over 45,000 objects related to the history and culture of the Blue Water Area. Carnegie Center used to be the Port Huron Public Library before latter merged with St. Clair County Library. In 1968, it reopened as the Port Huron Museum of Arts and History. The center is home to the James C. Acheson Marine Gallery, which displays the largest, and ever-growing, ship model collection in Michigan. A perfect haunt for art and history photographers.

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

Another must-stop at northern Michigan, the Old Presque Lighthouse was built in 1840 to mark the entrance to Presque Isle Bay and its harbor. Its tower stands 30 ft tall while its base measures 18 ft in diameter. Its conical bottom is made of stone while its top round section is made of bricks. The deck, meanwhile, is made of soapstone with leaded mortar. Considered one of the best harbors in Lake Huron, the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse could be climbed for a minimum fee. Perfect place, too, for guests who want to spook themselves as the lighthouse is reputed for its hauntings.

Light house on at the end of the dock on Lake Erie
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